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Clark is the Philippines vacation hotspot that is almost the size of the entire country of Singapore.  Strategically located just an hour and a half north of Manila in the central Luzon province of Pampanga, this former United States Air Force base has become Asia’s premier recreational and business destination of numerous international and local companies. Clark Subic Marketing is the travelers and business person’s one-stop website detailing almost every aspect of the Clark and Subic Bay Freeport zones. These regions are your vacation and business paradise, away from the busy hustle and bustle of the big city.  This Website features detailed information about the resorts, hotels, theme parks, restaurants, bars, casinos, golf courses, historic sites and up to the minute business development for both Clark and Subic Bay.  We also follow the progress and new facilities of the exciting new Clark Green City project that will completely reshape the entire central Luzon area. Within these website pages, find a comprehensive directory of Clark and Subic businesses, an event calendar, travel guides, history guides, area maps, forums, blogs, video content, news pages and more. Have a look around and get the best deals when you securely book your hotel directly from the links on our site through our partner Agoda Travel.

Subic Philippines Main Gate


Formerly America's largest overseas military installation and a popular rest and recreational home for active duty U.S. servicemen, Subic Bay is now a sophisticated travel, leisure, vacation and business zone. New hotels, resorts, high-end malls, restaurants, clubs, golf courses, amusement parks, and eco-tourism adventures await those with exploring this Philippine fun zone.  From beautiful seaside resorts for those water-lovers among you to lush mountaintop forest hotels for the more serene and green seeker; Subic has it all.  Exciting zipline adventures, tiger encounters and swimming-with-dolphin experiences are only some of the fun and mind-expanding enjoyments found in this zone.  Subic Bay also makes available its fantastic deep water natural harbor as a home base for a new state-of-the-art $1 Billion ship building yard supplying over 7000 jobs to local Filipinos. Combine this with the multitude of additional new industries and you have one the finest and most unique territories in all of Southeast Asia.  Travel to and from this playland and business freeport is quick and easy. Subic Bay is now connected to Manila and Clark via a new super-fast divided four-lane highway.

New Clark CIty Artist's Rendition
Artist's Rendering of Finished New Clark City - Credit - BCDA


An expanded area only 20 kilometers north of Clark is being prioritized and developed into a mega project thanks to the new administration’s Build, Build, Build Infrastructure Program.  New Clark City will be designed to be green, modern, smart and disaster resilient. This development has the potential to make all other cities in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and possibly the world obsolete. This city has the potential of setting the standard for modern, progressive, clean and sustainable urban living. From entirely underground utility corridors allowing for maximum expansion capabilities without the need to tear up the streets, centralized infrastructure management centers for control and regulation of communications, power, water sewer and other services to the incorporation of green energy, New Clark City will shine a light on the Philippines unlike any other project in the country’s history. Flooding is anticipated to be a thing of the past as the city will be over 50 meters above sea level at its lowest point with advanced flood and drainage systems designed to funnel away the water from the population areas. Economically, locators and developer in this new mega city will be given special tax holidays along with duty-free importation of raw materials, machinery and capital equipment. In addition to this, business owners will be able to avail themselves of greatly simplified employment procedures for foreign nationals with skills in technical, supervisory and advisory positions. Follow along on these pages as we explore the development of this exciting project.




EDUCATIONAL TOURS - Educational tours for Paradise Ranch, Zoocobia and the Clark Museum are the perfect school learning experience. Get your school, church or other private group together for a superior ecological, wildlife encounter, along with a history learning experience of old Pampanga and Clark/American military history.
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