About Clark Subic Marketing

Building a Strong Internet Presence for the Philippine Special Economic Freeport Zones

Firstly, we are a Christian-based company, and uphold honesty, integrity and honor in the application of our beliefs to all that we do in our business lives. We work with and welcome ALL companies in the Clark and Subic Bay areas, that are legitimate and not involved in any form of illegal activity. We truly desire to help promote your business for you and will always work with you in an ethical and sincerely professional manner.

At Clark Subic Marketing, we are helping to build a worldwide presence and interconnected gateway for the Clark and Subic Bay Philippine Freeport Zones. Strategically located in the Clark Special Economic and Freeport Zone, our company is positioned for growth and action. We have many years in internet marketing experience behind us.

We connect the two Philippine Freeport Zones and their businesses together in a rich, full-featured, all-in-one web site environment with useful tools for its participants.

At this time we are providing locators and businesses in these Freeport Zones with a free, for a period of 3 months, Internet Webpage presence of their own within this search engine optimized Web portal. This will help to provide superior Internet exposure for the participating companies, initially free, and then at a very minimal maintenance fee.

The Web Portal

Our Website is designed to be the premier Web presence for these two important Southeast Asia industrial, commercial and leisure hubs. This portal will be aggressively campaigned and marketed, providing a strong web presence thanks to top ranking and return positions realized via superior search engine marketing dynamics.

The Directory of Businesses

A comprehensive, searchable and updated directory of businesses and facilities in the Freeport Zones is an integral part of our portal. As a locator, you are entitled to a free presence in our directory. At a later date you will be able to add photos of products and for a small fee, become a featured listing appearing at the top of your category. Give us a call or contact us via our Email Form to get listed right away.

Understanding Website Marketing

There are literally billions of pages of web content out there. You can work hard, build a great-looking and artistic Website, all to find yourself entirely lost in the vast sea of Internet content. While marketing a website is very time-consuming, and expensive, it's also a very complex process that requires patience, careful planning and a long-haul approach. Why pay for these extensive services when Clark Subic Marketing can do it for you?

The marketing department of the Clark Subic Marketing Portal will expend a substantial budget on developing these important portal marketing objectives to ensure that your Web presence is fully optimized and returning traffic results you require for a successful business.

What We Do for You and Your Business

We will come-out to your business, take photos, discuss with you the dynamics of your business, and obtain documents and descriptions. We will integrate all of these to provide you a comprehensive and professional presence for your company. All initially free! You then have a one or more page site on our super-optimized portal and become part of our highly-marketed, integrated and comprehensive Website community.

You will also be able to experience our discussion forums and other portal features, allowing you to benefit from the interaction with other business locators of the Clark and Subic Freeport communities.

So give us a call today at (045) 499-0695, or contact us via our email form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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