Clark Freeport (Clark Air Base) and
Subic Bay (Subic Bay Naval Station)
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Clark and Subic Bay News and Events

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Posted 09/13/2016 - Philippine Airlines Coming to Clark International Airport

Posted 08/24/2016 - Clark Olympic City Sports Complex

Posted 05-15-13 - World Series Qualifying Tournament coming to Clark

Posted/Updated 11-25-08 - 2009 Clark Freeport Hot Air Balloon Festival

Posted 11-13-08 - Subic Bay to Host 3-Day Bakasyon Grande Feista/Festival

Posted 11-05-08 - Subic/Cawag to be Home of Neocove - a Donald Trump Project

Poster 10-29-08 - Miss Earth 2008 to Bring International Awareness to Clark

Posted 09-05-08 - Remodeled Championship Golf Course Planned for Subic and New Courses on the Drawing Board

Posted 09-05-08 - Cebu Pacific Offering Fights to Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and Bangkok from Clark Airport

Posted 08-29-08 - Clark Global Gateway Logistics City Under Way

Posted 05-27-08 - DMIA Clark Airport Designated Open Skies Entry Point

Posted 05-05-08 - Philippines DOT Adventure Tourism Seminar

Posted 04-05-08 - Clark Airport Receives "Airport of the Year" Award from Frost & Sullivan Consultant Group

Posted 03-27-08 - Assurances of Tax Incentives and Some Guidelines from CDC/CILA Meeting

Posted 03-18-08 - The Philippines Goes World-Class with Clark, Subic Tarlac Expressway (SCTex) Opening

Posted 02-13-08 - Clark Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival a Hot Success

Posted 01-13-08 - Running of the Clark International Marathon

Posted 01-05-08 - Clark Freeport Hot Air Balloon Festival

Posted 01-05-08 - First International Clark Marathon

Posted 10-12-07 - The Airbus A-380 Arrives at Clark Freeport


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