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  • In order to expose these important Philippine Freeport Zones to the world, a free interconnected Webpage presence will be provided to Clark and Subic businesses. These stylistically designed and fully-developed Webpages will be programmed by our company developers for certain businesses in the Freeport Zones. Those business qualifying are to be engaged-in but not limited to leisure activities, sports, restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, airlines, gift shops and other tourist-oriented businesses. These Webpages will be part of our interconnected portal and initially offered free for 6 months, thereafter maintained for a minimal monthly fee.
  • Private discussion forums designed to encourage dialog between locators in each respective economic zone.
  • A free, all-inclusive, easily-searchable locator business white page-style directory providing contact and location information for all businesses in the Freeport Zones.
  • At a later date, a full-featured job service application will be incorporated within the portal to provide employers and applicants a one-stop employment resource center for employment coordination and fulfillment needs.

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