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One of the Philippines most exciting and fun-filled destinations is Subic Bay.  Only a couple hours from the hustle and bustle of Manila, Subic is a peaceful, safe and controlled environment.  Foreign tourists find the Subic Freeport Zone unlike other area of the Philippines. 

The traffic is orderly, the streets are clean there are no smoke belching tricycles and jeepneys and the laws are upheld.  This has caused the Subic Zone to be highly desirable and a refuge for those looking for a secure and fully-engaged vacation.

Located only 45 minutes from the Clark International Airport (DMIA) using the new SCTEX Subic/Clark highway, Subic offers excellent international access for foreigners and Filipino visitors alike. 

Once a thriving U.S. naval base, Subic has become a haven of hotels, resorts, amusement parks, golf courses, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues ideal for families, couples, friends and singles businesses, corporations.

For many years, Subic has erroneously been considered primarily a beach and watersport vacation spot.  While it does have great beaches and resorts and some of the best diving, snorkeling and jet skiing around, there is much more to Subic than simply fun and sun in the water.  For a more comprehensive look at Subic, take a look at our summary of what CSM Travel considers the 10 top things to do in Subic below.   


One of the all-time favorite amusements parks in the region and an absolute can’t miss for those going to Subic for the first time is the Zoobic Safari Adventure Park. If you have ever wanted to come face to face with a a man eating tiger or go on a safari, then Zoobic serves-up lots of fulfillment for you. 

Tiger Safari offers the chance to ride along in a caged a vehicle through Siberian and Bengal Tiger open range habitat; much like the tiger’s African environment. These majestic and powerful animals will come directly up to the side of the vehicle; so close you can smell their breath.  The experienced tour guide feeds them a raw chickens through a small portal hole in the vehicle. Their huge bicuspids gleam in the sunlight only a few inches away from your face.  You can actually feel the enormous weight of the huge man-eater as she jumps on top of the safari vehicle and lays and rests as if he has you and your tour guest’s captive and in line for his next meal.  The roof has clear panels so you can see every detail of the tiger’s underside as she lays just inches from your head.

Savannah is a wildlife drive-thru sanctuary reminiscent of the planes of Africa.  Here you can get up-close and personal with such animals as ostriches, potbellies, wild boars, and guinea fowls.

Zoobic Park is a fun-filled Petting Zoo, perfect for children and adults alike. Set in a walk-through tropical jungle atmosphere, you’ll be able to experience live interaction with deer, ostriches, albino caribou, ducks, camels, bear, monkeys, eagles, miniature horses and more. In this zone you’ll also find animals you’d not take the chance at petting such as lions and panthers.

Close Encounter is an exhilarating close-proximity Siberian and Bengal tiger encounter where you can experience the voracious appetite of man-eating mammals devouring their meals.

Muzooeum is a collection of real animal bones and preserved skins that provide mammalian educational opportunities for the youth.

Rodent World is a fascinating collection of rodent animals. The kids will be enthralled by fun and entertaining mice doing their tricks while they are able to watch guinea pigs being groomed in a Rodent Salon.

Croco loco is a thrilling adventure with Crocodiles, try feeding them chicken lowered by a fishing pole.

Bird Walk is a unique bird adventure where you can feed a multitude of birds of various species.

Serpentarium is a round the world exploration of snakes, turtles, lizards, iguanas, and many other reptilian delights.

Zoobic Cave offers a look at the world of wild and exotic animals but all non-living taxidermies (stuffed).

Forbidden Cave is an exciting and Indiana Jones type of jungle adventure featuring a seemingly insecure and shaky hanging bridge that may just cause you to lose your lunch.

Zoobic Safari
Group I Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Telefax: (+6347) 252-2272; (+63) 929-7072222


If you have ever wanted to go to SeaWorld in the U.S. cities of San Diego, CA or Orlando, FL, then you absolutely can’t miss Ocean Adventure.  Dolphins and other aquatic sea life are waiting to entertain, delight, fascinate and even educate you and your family. This facility can be considered not only an amusement park but a learning center for marine life enthusiasts.  The Philippines is fortunate to have h such a facility within the confines of our own country. 

Dolphins and Friends Show is the main attraction at Ocean Adventure.  This show features dolphins and other friends such as seals and sea lions performing tricks and humorous interaction with their trainers and audience members alike.  These marvelous mammals have extraordinary intelligence, grace power and agility.  The show is filled action, laughter, smiles, important sustainability and conservation messages and interesting facts and information about these advanced creatures we share the earth with.

Swim Encounter is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a non-dolphin trainer to actually swim with these wonderful creatures. How about going for a speedy ride on the back of a trained dolphin?  Would that be something you’d like to tell your friends?  Well, if you opt for the Swim Encounter experience, you’ll not only get to do just that.  You’ll be brought to a platform island in the middle of the Ocean Adventure Lagoon by your new dolphin friend as if he is recuing you. There you’ll meet and play with other marine animals for additional rides, hugs and photo opportunities.  After your simulated dolphin rescue ride, you’ll go back to the mainland for additional fun feeding and touching these wonderful creatures all while photos are captured of your adventure.  Don’t worry, you’ll have a lifejacket on the entire experience. You’ll wish the 45 minute experience went on all day.  

Shallow Water Show is for those that are not comfortable in deeper water.  Here you get to stay in the shallower water of the Ocean Adventure Lagoon while touching, feeding and hugging some fantastically interesting dolphin characters.  You may not be rescued by a dolphin friend in this scenario but you’ll feel as though you know him just as well as you find yourself interacting with him and get great photo opportunities in the process for a full 30 minutes.  You’ll even participate in a demonstration of the dolphin’s sonar capabilities.

Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show is designed to brighten your day and maybe your entire month with mischievous sea lions. This show is performed at the new Sea Lion Theater expansion area. This show features trainers and the audience interacting with these fun and exciting animals who love to clap, play ball and act like comedians.  After the show enjoy the sea lions playful antics in their deep relaxing pool alongside the theater. 

Walk on the Wild Side Show features the indigenous Aetas showing off their talents and skills.  They light fires without matches, make their own bamboo utensils demonstrating self-sufficiency and survival they are famous for. Then the real adventure begins as you are transported into the Subic forest at night by your guides to interact with various birds, bats, reptiles and mammals.  Entertainment abounds as the show participants are treated to a performance at the Wildlife in Need Rescue Center at Ocean Adventure.  We don’t want to give-away all of the fun and games but the show is not called Walk on the Wild Side for nothing.

Adventures of Olongapo Jones keeps with the Ocean Adventure motto of ecological wisdom and responsibility in a highly entertaining and fun way.  Olongapo Jones and his Eco-Rangers Pawee and Leila go on a search mission to track down the eco-bandits of Subic/Olongapo call the Bouncing Basura Boys.  This ecologically disrespectful gang has a habit of throwing trash everywhere and cutting down trees in their wake. This is a high action and extremely funny show that will excite and delight the audience as they learn about responsible and sustainable everyday practices to help preserve our precious earth. 

Ocean Discovery Aquarium is an impressive display of sea creatures and habitat all in an air-conditioned underground aquarium where you’ll not only be fascinated by informed.  Stay dry in this exhibit as the sea life from Subic Bay and the greater South China Sea is only inches away from your face in a fantastic display of color.  You’ll experience coral reefs, deep dark caves, mangrove forests, water streams and incredibly diverse inhabitants such as sea horses, stingrays, exotic colorful fish and sea snakes while they swim about in the territory they call home. 

The Learning Center serves as a question and answer college of marine life where you’ll learn answers to such questions as what do you call a group of dolphins?  What is Baleen?  What’s the difference between a fish and a dolphin?  Don’t be shy, ask whatever is on your mind.  There are many friendly and knowledgeable park guides to ask whatever questions you may have regarding the marine life of the South China Sea.

Ocean Adventure Park
Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales 2200
(047) 252 9000


Have you ever wanted to be able to survive in the most hostel of situations?  Lost and alone in a hot, humid and torturous jungle environment could turn-out to be life-threatening.  It may not sound like fun but to be able to survive in such an environment could save your life someday.  Actually, you’ll be developing a set of skills that could lead to better self-confidence and you may be looked up to by your friends as a person who is able to do things others can’t. 

The jungle survival program at JEST camp is modeled after the program sanctioned and implemented by the U.S. Military for its soldiers back in the Vietnam War period.  The indigenous Aeta’s were commissioned to do this training as they were highly experienced at survival in their native jungle environment for many centuries.

You will be shown how to live off the land and survive using only the native vegetation found in the Subic jungle.  You will learn how to identify the dangerous and the safe plants for both food and liquid consumption. You will also gain experience at making utensils out of only readily available jungle bamboo, starting a fire without a match, cook food using only bamboo and ways to ensure proper hygiene while in the Jungle to avoid getting sick. You will learn how to identify and use plants for medicinal purposes and how to cover your tracks in order not to leave any traces of your whereabouts or direction of travel for your enemy. Most importantly, you will be learning nature-based teachings developed by the Aeta’s over eons of time. 

It’s not all about hiking and scavenging for the food that will give you sustenance and energy to endure to the end. After you have setup your tent and eaten, you will discuss the day’s events and the things you have learned around a roaring campfire, then listen to interesting indigenous Aeta survival stories. 

This program may not be suitable for the out-of-shape or those sensitive to high temperatures as you will be taken on a fast-moving, minimal-equipment hike through the wilderness.  Remember, this is extreme survival tactics and you will not have any of the comforts of modern life available to you.

JEST Camp offers three levels of jungle experience from a simple 30 minute quick overview, an overnight experience and a 3-day Extreme-level jungle survival course. The overnight and Extreme-level courses include certificates of completion to show your friends and family members.

Additional Attractions

JEST Camp is more than survival training. They also feature an incredible bird park, walk-in aviary that will knock your socks off. A flightless bird area, bird discovery center, Insectarium, butterfly garden, enchanted bonsai garden, Subic Freeport view deck, native restaurant, origin of JEST museum and maze quest round-out the additional offerings.

Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Olongapo 2200
(047) 252 1489


Here you can fly like Superman or Silver Surfer while experiencing the best of the Subic Rainforest.  The theme park’s motto is “get high on nature at Treetop Adventure.”  Nature is the main attribute it inhabits.  The Subic Forests are home to approximately 745 plant species of vegetation, most of which blossom with succulent foliage that cover the forest floor with lush splendor.  This foliage is responsible for producing and maintaining the earth's fertility. Now you can become part of this wonderful ecosystem as you fulfill our desire for height, adrenaline and excitement.

Treetop Adventure is not a mere manmade amusement park, it is adventure facilities carefully incorporated into Mother Nature’s natural and pristine own amusement park. Located at the Cubi Point area on the hillside above the Subic Airport, this facility sits at the edge of the dense Subic tropical jungle where the trees start to disperse somewhat.  The location is ideal for canopy rides, zip lines and a multitude of other adventurous activities.

Superman Ride is the most popular and exciting according to most surveyed participants. 
This consists of a zip line that covers 2 platforms for a distance of approximately 140 meters long at a height of 100 feet. If you think this is simply a typical hanging zip line ride you are wrong. The difference here is you are suspended horizontally rather than vertically and traveling face-down at very fast speeds for a very long distance.  If you ever wanted to know what it is like to be the Man of Steel, this is the closest you can get without actually developing super-human powers. 

Silver Surfer is essentially a stand-up cable ride for two designed to simulate the Silver Surfer in the movies.  You and your partner stand high above a lush tropical forest on platforms facing each other on a cable suspended from 10 feet above the ground on one end and 80 feet high at the other end. The two of you transverse quickly, then stop and start again along this cable. The sudden stops and acceleration cause you and your partner to rock wildly high above the trees.

Tree Drop Adventure allows you to repel down a 60 foot tall tree on a controlled cable while your fiends watch and take videos of you from an adjacent platform. This is your chance to attempt rappelling just like the military and SWAT people do.  This experience can be accomplished in a variety of styles.  Starting with the conventional, the lizard, and the daring Australian style (face first).  Many individuals choose to simply jump and let the safety man bring them down. This is not recommended as it is cheating yourself out of a valuable repelling experience.  Rappelling will give you a great sense of accomplishment if you are able to do it without the assistance of a safety man. Tree Drop Adventure is repelling training that may be your ideal adrenaline rush.

Canopy Ride is essentially a chair lift ride along with a walking portion along four suspension bridges. In forests and jungles, canopy refers to the upper layer or a habitat zone, formed by mature tree crowns and other biological organisms.  The Canopy Ride allows its riders to be an active participate in Mother Nature’s Subic forest.  On the chair lift portion of the adventure you get to view unspoiled nature 100 feet above the ground at the very tree top level.  The trail portion of the adventure crosses a total of 4 suspension bridges and sports 5 motorized cable rides of up to 220 meters long. The monkeys and birds now have some competition in the Jungle

Interactive Free Fall Adventure will give you a rush of adrenaline as you and two others stand on a metal frame and transverse quickly up and down alongside a giant tree.  You and your friends can screen all you want as the ride scares the pants off of you. Free Fall Adventure is a group activity that will help bound you and your friends together as it quickly moves you up and freely drops you down the side of a 100 foot majestic Subic forest tree together.

Tree Top Adventure
JEST camp area, Upper Mau Cubi,, Aparri Rd,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222, Philippines
+63 47 252 9425


How about trying your hand at driving a performance Go-Kart while in Subic?  Located along Rizal Highway, in front of the Subic Bay Yacht Club, next to Bicentennial Park you’ll find the Le Man’s Go-Kart race rack and kart Rental center.  Open from 10 a.m. to 7p.m. daily the cars are turned-up and ready to go when you get that erg for twisting curves, competition, speed and flat corning maneuverability.  This is not just a kid’s activity as this track is challenging and the Karts are quick enough.

There are a couple of different types of go-Karts available for rent a single seat and a double seat model.  If you are a couple or you have a minor small child who is too young to drive a vehicle on his own, then you may prefer to rent the two seat go-kart. 

While these are not the super-fast go-carts that require a special license, advanced driving lessons and lots of practice, the cars are quick for the track size, turn radius and the general difficulty level.  Steering is all manual so you have to have a little bit of muscle to negotiate the tight turns properly.  But you are very close to the ground so you feel all the bumps and g-forces and impression is that you are moving very fast. 

It takes some measure of practice to get good at taking the course quickly and beating your friends. Remember, slow down going into a curve and speed-up coming out.  The facility old painted uses tires as markers for the layout and as protective cushioning in case you lose control, spin-out or hit a corner wall. But watch-out for inexperienced drivers that may spin-out in front of you. 

For an adequate amount of time for practice and fun, and for money saving, it is recommended you purchase the ten-lap package rather than the individual lap purchases.  Get set and put on your helmet, race suit and goggles and have some great fun and friendly competition while vacationing in

Le Man’s Go Kart
Rizal Highway
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222, Philippines
Tel No: +63 47 252-2272



So you think yachting is only for celebrities and the wealthy? Guess again!  Now you and your family and friends can pretend you are a millionaire, even if only for just a few hours.  The Subic Bay Yacht Club offers a variety of services and accommodations that will bring sheer delight to the faces of your guests. There are few places in the Philippines that allow you to utilize a multitude of services and features of a world class yacht club and resort.  Now is your chance to live your caviar wishes and Champaign dreams. 

Subic Bay Yacht Charters enable the curious and want-to-be rich to experience the life of the wealthy.  You can do anything from a sunset cruise to a full day or even multi-day excursions on any of a number of yachts moored in the slips at the club.  Check these two links for yachts and information for yacht charters:,

Pool Party Package allows you, your friends and family to reserve and have exclusive ownership of the pool area at the Subic Bay Yacht Club for 4 hours.  Perfect for graduations, wedding receptions corporate events and just about any function were you want to impress your guests with the life of luxury. If you have 25 people or more, the exclusive use of the pool, alcoholic drink menu, 2 rounds of beer or soda per person and 5 bottles of wine are included for a single reasonable price.

Hotels Accommodations are now open to the public allowing you and your guests to stay overnight at a previously exclusive and private club for much less than you may think.  Why not spend the same amount of money for a country club experience rather than an everyday ordinary hotel. Enjoy the incredible pool area where the Miss Earth participants held a bathing suit exhibition. How about playing tennis as you pretend you and your guests are Beverly Hills Country Club members. Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa or massage in the same facilities used by politicians and celebrities use.

The Subic Yacht Club experience is a great way to wine and dine prospective clients or to treat your cherished company staff to a truly special and unique experience.  If you really want to land that contract, make that sale or woo existing clients, then there is no better place than the Subic Yacht Club for the ultimate in luxury and excitement. Why not do the entire experience with a yacht ride, pool party and pampered overnight accommodations.

Subic Bay Yacht Club
Rizal Highway cor. Burgos Street
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222
(047) 252 5211


At Subic Bay Parasailing, located along the boardwalk in Subic, you’ll be able to sail high above the rest of the sun seekers with a big colorful parachute strapped to your back. The powerboat pulling you is 400 feet below as you glide effortlessly through the sky with the wind in your ears and the birds at your side. 

Subic Bay Parasail Inc. has a professionally setup 28 foot Nordic Parasail boat.  This one of the most technologically advanced boats in the world.  It uses a professional hydraulic winch system that releases you and brings you back in for a gentle landing on the rear deck of the boat. There is ample seating on the boat to allow your friends to watch, take photos and videos as they await their turn to fly like an eagle. 

If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to be Superman then parasailing is the activity for you. Subic Bay Parasailing has been in business for 31 years. They utilize a state of the art parasailing equipment with all the high-tech you need putting safety first. Anyone from a child to an older adult can parasail either alone or with a tandem side-by-side partner if desired. Why stay planted on the earth when you can soar with eagles.

Subic Bay Parasail Inc.
Block 1, Lot 5, Waterfront Road
Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines 2222


Jet skis are probably one of the most liberating and exciting experience you can have on water.  If you are troubled with the issues of life, work, family, and friends, then take a jet ski out for a spin.  It’s a bit tricky to get the hang of at first. The steering seems to be rather hard to control. But after a little practice, you’ll be doing tight turns and jumping waves in no time.  Many individuals like to ride a two or even three person jet skis to save money and to share the experience with a friend or two.  Others enjoy the shear freedom and control of riding their own jet ski.  Either way, the release from life’s tensions and the ability to forget your troubles occurs as soon as you get on board and lingers for the rest of the week.  Don’t let your troubles and worries continue to bring you down.  Get on board a jet ski in beautiful Subic Bay today.

Perhaps letting someone else operate the watercraft is more your style. Or you may have a large group of family and friend that you want to all experience the fun together.   If so Networx Jet Sports features banana boat and fly fish boat rides. The banana boat is a large inflatable long raft that is towed behind a very fast speedboat. A group of several people straddle the long tube and hang-on for life.  These boats are typically long and narrow and either single or double hull. With the double hull models, you can invite more friends for maximum group enjoyment.  Some double hull boats allow for up to 16 or more riders. 

The fly fish boat is another inflatable watercraft that is much wider that a banana boat and has a large surface area on the bottom.  This flatter inflatable allows the watercraft to get wildly airborne at times as it is towed behind a very fast speedboat. Where the banana boat tends to stay on the water better, the fly fish boat will jump up in the air from time to time dependent on speed, waves and the number of people on the boat.

These rides are not for the faint at heart, but if you ride, the psychological and pure fun factor benefits can be life-changing.  If you and your group are brave enough to ride one of these inflatables, be sure to wear your lifejacket and hold on tight.

Networx Jet Sports
Waterfront Rd,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222
(047) 252 3469



The undersea world of diving is an experience many are curious about but few get to explore. Beautiful coral reef formations, magical and exotic multi-colored aquatic life, unusual sea creatures and old shipwrecks are but a few wonders hidden beneath the deep blue oceans of our planet.  While diving is often considered a privilege, reserved for those who can afford highly specialized training and equipment, it actually is much more easily experienced than most believe.  If you are on the adventurous side, while in Subic, you may want to consider a diving experience that takes you to an entirely new and incredibly fascinating underwater world.

Most divers in Subic want to view ship-wreaks rather than the customary coral reefs and fish populations as these wreaks are extremely plentiful in the bay.  Subic is one of the few places in the world where even beginning divers can explore underwater shipwrecks.  There are around a dozen dive sites to choose, many are no more than fifteen minutes from most of the Subic dive centers, hotels and population areas.

Wrecks in Subic Bay available for exploration that were sunk during WW-II are numerous. Subic was a very active war zone during this conflict.  One of the most famous and notable wreaks in the bay is actually the first armored cruiser the U.S. Navy ever built, the New York.  First used in the Spanish American War then the Philippine-American war and then WW-I. During WW-II the New York was retired and used as a machine shop.  It was sunk in the Subic Bay after the Japanese attacked Peale Harbor in order to keep the ships guns from being used by the Japanese.   The growth of the tourism industry in Subic has created a dive vacation location spot that is frequently visited by curious divers from around the world. Since the ship is only 18 to 27 meters deep and in close proximity to dive support services, resorts and other wreaks, the New York has become one of the most dived shipwrecks in all of Asia. 

Discover Scuba Diving programs are offered at three dive centers in the area. These programs allow you to obtain some basic dive training along with being escorted and monitored by a dive professional when you take your first discovery dive.  Some of the businesses offering these programs include, Camayan Beach Resorts Dive Center next to Ocean Adventure within the Freeport, Johans Dive Center located in Barrio Barretto directly outside of the Freeport and El Corral Reef Dive Center in Olongapo City.

Other Subic Bay Ship Wreak Dive Sites include the following:  Oryuko Maru, Seian Maru, USS New York, LCU, Japanese Patrol Boat, USS Lanikai, El Capitan, LST, San Quentin, Barges, Sakura Maru and a F4 Phantom aircraft.  Reef sites include: Arizona Muck, Castle Rock, Lighthouse Reef, Airport Reef, Nabassan Reef and Canyons.
Below are the dive centers mentioned above along with their address and phone numbers.

Camayan Dive Center
Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales 2200
Landline: 6347-252-8000 Cell: +63908-887-0369

Johans Dive Center
Midway Baloy Long Beach,
Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City, Philippines 2200

Landline: 6347-224-8915 Cell: 63919-647-1234

El Corral Reef Dive Center
Baloy Long Beach Rd,
Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines 2200

Subic Bay New York Dive Site


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