Adventure Tourism Seminar a Success

Three days of speakers, discussions and an actual adventure experience at Subic Bay’s Treetop Adventure added up to much information contacts and experience. I was able to gleam much insight into the world of adventure tourism and the potential for it in the Philippines.

Time and again one overriding reminder was reinforced to all of us to remember as we embraced promoting adventure tourism in the Philippines. All of the speakers made sure to instill in us the need to uphold sustainability and ecological preservation as we go forth profiting from this exciting new field.

While each guest speaker was a well-informed professional in the field and each a respected member of various adventure tourism societies and organizations from around the world, they emphasized throughout their presentation complete compliance with maintaining ecological-harmony with or mother earth so as not to destroy what we have been blessed with. Watching documentaries and news stories chronicling the destruction of so many counties pristine natural resources through short-sighted greed, I wholeheartedly agreed.

My question to my readers in this blog post is, how can the Philippines, with the issues of corruption and exploitation of our environment ensure that we maintain our God-given resources?