New Clark City Agricultural Industrial Business Zone

Posted 07/09/2020 – Clark growth and development is in the news again with a new Department of Agriculture (DA) plan to construct a 30-hectar Agri-Industrial Business Corridor (ABC) at the New Clark City location.  This project is consistent with the concept of a green city as was one of the original aspects of New Clark City (NCC).  The entire NCC project will eventually encompass almost 10,000-hectares.    

The Department of Agriculture (DA) is partnering with the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), the lead in charge of the NCC area.

It is anticipated that the project will encourage additional investments in agriculture in not only Clark but 12 other ABCs designated throughout the country?s economic zones.   The ABC project at New Clark City however is designated to be the initial and potentially most significant one because of the Clark?s agriculture resources and central location in Luzon.

Some of the advanced facilities are to include an agribusiness multipurpose area and a national seed technology park that will utilize advanced science to ensure the Philippines is an agricultural leader for years to come. Included in this project is multiple other high-tech agricultural production technology, value-added facilities, and access to capital for farmers agricultural ventures.   

Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are also integrated into the master plan for NCC.  At the Clark Civil Aviation Complex a project called the Clark Fresh Market (CFM) which will become a launching point and cater to specialized agricultural markets such as organic produce, halal-certified (Muslim consumable certification) and other high-quality food markets.  This facility should significantly help improve the health of our nation?s people by making more readily available clean and nutritionally superior foods available to a wider cross-section of our populous.

Economically, the combination of the ABC and the CFM is expected to create thousands of new jobs.   Additionally, the economic growth of the central and northern Luzon regions of Pampanga and Tarlac should feel the significant effect on their economies. 

These projects provide a means of joining the entire central and north Luzon regions along with providing for the advanced food needs of the nations new center of business and commerce that will become New Clark City. It is also anticipated to help foster a nationwide renewal of the agriculture sector.  It is also a progressive and proactive means to help shield the country from the ravages of pandemics in the future. The Philippine government is committed to improving the food and agriculture stability in the country. They anticipate a budget of over P284 billion for the year 2021, significantly surpassing the 2020 budget of only P80 billion.