New Option for Flights from North America to Clark Philippines Via Taipei Taiwan

June 5, 2023 – North American travelers can now fly with STARLUX Airlines on new routes to Clark Philippines, through Taipei Taiwan.

Travelers from North America now have a fresh and practical choice for getting to the gorgeous location of Clark and the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. A fast-expanding Taiwanese airline, STARLUX Airlines, has announced the beginning of new flights connecting North America with Clark via Taipei. This new development creates a wealth of chances for tourists looking to discover the Philippines’ stunning natural beauty and rich cultural legacy.

STARLUX Airlines has built a solid reputation for providing great service, using cutting-edge aircraft, and putting the needs of its customers first. They hope to give visitors from North America traveling to Clark a smooth and comfortable travel experience with the launch of these additional flights.

Clark has progressively become a preferred destination for many travelers not anxious to fight Manila traffic in the heat and humidity of the big city.

Currently, STARLUX flies out of Los Angeles to Taipei but later in 2023 it plans on adding San Francisco as a new destination for its flights. A short layover in Taipei will be convenient for travelers, allowing them to take advantage of the airline’s many amenities and in some cases, discover the dynamic Taiwanese capital before heading on to Clark and the Philippines.

The enhanced connectivity that this route provides is one of its main benefits. Clark, as most Central Luzon residents know, is a growing premier gateway to some of the Philippines’ most well-known tourist attractions. Travelers may reach the breathtaking beaches of Boracay, the cultural landmarks of Manila, and the natural marvels of Palawan with ease from the Clark Airport by air or road in many cases.

The Airbus A321neo aircraft from STARLUX Airlines’ cutting-edge fleet will fly the flights to Clark. These cutting-edge aircraft are outfitted with the newest technology, a wider cabin, more fuel efficient engines, guaranteeing passengers a more comfortable flight. Travelers can unwind and enjoy their flight thanks to the roomy seating, available for a reasonable price, Wi-Fi connectivity and in-seat entertainment systems.

Starlux Airlines has in-flight entertainment systems its flights. The system is called STARLUX SKYBOX and it offers a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. Passengers can access the system using their own devices or by using the seatback touchscreens. The STARLUX SKYBOX system is available in all cabins, including Economy Class. The system is free to use for all passengers and most passengers find it intuitive and easy to use.

Along with providing an outstanding in-flight experience, STARLUX Airlines is renowned for its attentive and welcoming cabin staff. The airline takes great pleasure in offering excellent customer service, making sure that travelers are well-looked-after at all times. Travelers can count on nothing less than the best service from the minute they board until they arrive at their destination.

In addition, STARLUX Airlines has put in place strict health and safety procedures to safeguard passengers in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic. The airline employs stringent sanitization procedures, offers plenty of personal protective equipment, and whenever practical, promotes social seclusion. Knowing that the number one priority is the well-being of the passengers gives them confidence.

Travelers from North America now have a wonderful opportunity to see the beauty and charm of the Philippines thanks to the new flights to Clark, Philippines via Taipei. Everyone may find something to enjoy in Clark and its surroundings, whether they want to unwind on pristine beaches, learn more about a rich cultural past, or go on thrilling outdoor experiences throughout the incredible archipelagos of the Philippines.

Travelers can anticipate an amazing trip because to STARLUX Airlines’ dedication to offering great service, practical routes, and newer technology, top-notch aircraft. North American travelers can take advantage of these additional flights to discover the delights of the Philippines with convenience and comfort as the airline continues to broaden its reach and connect more destinations.

In conclusion, the new STARLUX Airlines flights from Taipei to Clark, Philippines, are a game-changer for tourists from North America. There are countless options to discover the Philippines’ alluring beauty and rich cultural legacy thanks to this easy, practical and well-connected route. STARLUX Airlines is positioned to become a top option for visitors looking for a memorable and stress-free trip to Clark thanks to its first-rate customer service and cutting-edge aircraft.

Current Flights to and from Clark to Taipei (Check with airline for accuracy and changes)

Flight NumberRouteWeekly ScheduleDeparture TimeArrival Time
JX789Taipei – Clark (TPE – CRK)TUE, THU, FRI, SUN07:4509:45
JX790Clark – Taipei (CRK – TPE)10:4512:45
JX791Taipei – Clark (TPE – CRK)MON, WED, SAT17:2519:25
JX792Clark – Taipei (CRK – TPE)20:2522:25