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Adventure Beach Water Park - Subic Bay Zambales Philippines

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Finally, a full-blown waterpark in Subic. Water, and adventure of all types abound at this bayside facility. For years Subic had all the water sports and excitement in the Bay itself, but no multi-feature waterpark like Fontana in Clark. This park is another project of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc (SBMEI). They own and operate the adjacent theme parks of Ocean Adventure and the Camayan Beach Resort.

This popular spot was the previous location of Adventure Beach where families would gather to host birthdays, weddings and other group events and activities in Subic Bay. With SBMEI wanting to add additional theme parks to their repertoire and the area, 2015 saw a new vision become reality. The fact that there was no other waterpark in all the Subic Freeport Zone played heavily on the choice of a waterpark. Building a waterpark directly on a beach besides the ocean seemed to be a novel and previously unrealized option for a theme park.

Adventure Beach Water Park is an ultra-cooldown and fun zone for all ages. From the 3-story tall Twin Twister Slide to the Lazy River, getting wet is the name of the game. For a more relaxed experience, the Aqua Serein is a cool and invigorating sprinkler system that simulates rain coming from a cloudless sky. The small children of the family will also enjoy the areas designed just for them with shallow water features. These include the Wading Pool, complete with seesaws, and run through mushroom sprinklers. Whether you embrace the mama fish sized slides and rides, or the venues designed for the minnows of the family, one thing is for sure, at Adventure Beach Water Park, you will get soaked one way or another.

Adventure Beach Features and Information:

Twin Twister Slide: The mega-slide of them all at 3-stories tall, this is not for the faint of heart. Twister is not a single adventure; it is in fact two side-by-side slides twisting and turning together. As you ascend the ladder to your fast-moving descent down the slide, you are treated to fantastic views of the ocean and the beautiful Subic Bay. Then the excitement begins.

River Bend: Have you ever wanted to ride rapids and get totally soaked under a waterfall? Then River Bend is the ride for you. Climb aboard your personal inflatable tube and get ready for cool excitement. There are a few surprises along the way and some slower relation areas to keep the heart rate down.

Aqua Serein: The name should clue you in on this one. A quiet and more relaxing escape from the park’s other more robust and thrilling features. This attraction features rain that seems to fall from a cloudless sky. Just the right amount of water and cooling for that feeling of serenity.

Forest Grill Restaurant: No trip to a theme park would be complete without some delicious food. That is where the Forest Grill Restaurant comes in. Complete with impressive views of Subic Bay, here you can recharge and refuel in one of its unique forest themed private dining pods. The restaurant appeals to a variety of pallets from grilled entrees to simpler fast food dishes.

Groups and Events: Groups are welcome at Adventure Beach Water Park. Celebratory groups wanting a unique venue for birthday parties, special occasions and even corporate events are welcome to arrange the perfect outing for their group. Contact the park for your reservation.

Location: The location in the Ilanin Forest West district is perfect for access to the other exciting theme parks and adventures in Subic such as Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari.


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