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Aqua Planet Water Park - Clark Philippines

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The name Aqua Planet was derived from ancient Pampanga Province folklore, where Mt Pinatubo calls home. The story is a tragic love story of banishment between the strong and brave fire god Pinatubo and the pleasant and kind water god Halia. ?As the story goes, to separate the two, the gods banished Pinatubo to the mortal world, turning him into an active volcano. Missing him, Halia begged the gods to turn her into a ?beautiful water planet,? so she could again be with Pinatubo. In the conversion, the gods renamed Halia ?Aqua Planet.?

Construction of Aqua Planet was first embarked upon in 2015. The 10-hectar facility has the honor of being the largest waterpark in the Philippines and even throughout southeast Asia. There was a 3-day soft opening for the park, restricted to non-profits, two years late in November 2017.? A few months later, the park opened to the excited general public in February 2018.? Later that same year in June, Aqua Planet became the first and only facility in the Philippines to join the child swimming safety program designed to teach children to swim, called The World?s Largest Swimming Lessons.

Aqua Planet is simply huge!? The 10-hectare water park is fun for the entire family. This is a top-notch facility with a variety of attractions you more than likely have not seen anywhere else in the country. The attractions appeal to a range of ages and are of significantly different degrees of bravery. Everyone from child to adult can feel comfortable while allowing for an enhanced level of excitement for the thrill seekers in the group. ?Each attraction has a minimum and maximum weight and height requirement. These rules are prominently posted at the entrance of each attraction.


A wide selection of souvenirs and accessories are available at the park.? If the clothes you came with are not dry enough for the ride home, or you have forgotten your flip flops, water shoes, cap, or tank top, fear not, Aqua Planet has you covered. ?Find whatever you need at the park?s souvenir store.? Life vests are provided at the park for those requiring water buoyancy assistance.


Open-air and enclosed air-conditioned Cabanas are available for large groups. If you go this route, you and your group get your own little private abode to congregate, dry off, change, and eat together. The VIP Lounge is s large, air-conditioned room that is available for rent for larger groups or families wanting an enhanced level of privacy. The VIP lounge has it all, including a 40-inch TV, sound bar, mini refrigerator, living room, dining set, safety deposit box, complimentary drinks, souvenir items, private toilet and bathroom with basic toiletries.? A locker area is available in the water park, for securing your valuables.


The Aqua Loop: This one is exciting beyond your imagination. Widely considered the most extreme ride at the park. While standing vertically in a tube, flaps suddenly open dropping the participant feet-first into a 100-meter fall that traverses into a 360-degree loop.? Hold onto your pants with this one.

Boogie Bay:? Here you can try your hand at body surfing as you get on your boogie board and ride the waves in a 1500 square meter wave pool. Plenty of deep water here at 9-feet.? Let the current take you and your worries away as you allow fun and excitement permeate your senses.

Wave Pool: This is one large expanse of water with a total of 3500 square meters of water space. Variety is the name of the game here as 8 different types of waves that are generated for your enjoyment.? Enjoy all this fun in front of a bigger than life 600-inch LED screen playing video effects. See if you can body surf and catch a wave or just enjoy the simulated ocean feel as you let the waves crash against your body.

Sky Shuttle: his exceptionally large scoop style water bowl that blasts the rider upward into space in a steep slide leaving him with the feeling weightlessness on the slide back down. This is the water park version of the pirate ship swing ride at many amusement parks, but in this case, ?you? are doing the swinging.

Flow Rider: How about a body board surfing experience on a controlled, continuously flowing sheet of water delivered via some extremely high-volume Aqua Planet water pumps? Find your groove and make your moves while this ongoing stream of powerful water races beneath your body.? This is like riding a never-ending river of fast-moving water.

Hurricane: Get ready for twists and turns, with some impressive excitement from this ride as you get tossed around as if you were in a hurricane.? More dramatic that the Spiral Slides, you will feel some additional forces on this one.? The width of the slide allows it to carry a double raft as you traverse through the eye of the hurricane.? Four water slides that empty into a common pool allow for some competitive fun.? So go gather your friend and slide away.

Tornado: Have you ever wanted to experience a tornado up close and personal? This ride will probably be the closest thing to being whisked away into the funnel of a twisting and turning whirlwind. Gain some speed in the entry tube as you are deposited into the funnel where you will experience 45 degree drops with your friends in a colossal funnel shaped water feature.? Don?t worry though, unlike real ones, this tornado won?t deposit you far from the rest of your group.

Octopus Racers: Gather your family and friends together for this one because some wet and healthy competition awaits. At the beginning and end of the ride, six side-by-side tubes take different routes through this water feature. ?You never know who will emerge the winner at the final stretch where all the tubes empty out in a common pool together.

Kiddie Zone: The small ones can enjoy a more shallow body of water along with an array smaller slides and spirals amidst squirting and spraying vibrantly colorful large characters such as the fig, small turtles, sunny flowers, colorful mushrooms, and morning glory.? You may also run into a friendly alligator or beautiful mermaid.


Bounded by J.P Rizal Ave., J.P. Laurel Ave. and Prince Balagtas Ave. Clark Sun Valley View, Clark Special Economic Zone Pampanga, Philippines 2023


+63 45 649 8500

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