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Grill Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant

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Find a piece of Seoul right here in Clark Pampanga Philippines.? If you like Korean BBQ, then you have found your little piece of Seoul heaven without the 4-hour plane trip.? Reading the reviews of this restaurant on the Internet, most people make return trips to enjoy the atmosphere and cuisine numerous times when they return to the Clark Pampanga Freeport Zone.


This is one of the newest, more stylistically deigned restaurants in the area. In the heart of the Stotsenberg Park district, the exterior of the restaurant is modern, and the building design is fascinating and unique for the area.? The interior is a minimalist, modern design with open industrialist ceilings showcasing the facilities large diameter pipes for the air conditioning and cooking exhaust ventilation system that is distributed to each table.? Keeping with the industrial design, the floors are nicely coated concrete.? The tables and chairs are modern, lined in long rows for family seating and large group accommodation.? There are large expanses floor to ceiling windows in the restaurant looking out on the green Clark Stotsenberg Park with its large acacia trees, green grass and abundant walkways.? It all works very well together for a wide opened, casual yet inviting environment.


Here you will find various group meals/set menus and a wide variety of authentic Korean food. The restaurant serves lunch and dinners with appropriate priced menus for each.? The prices are fare for the quantity of food you get.? Some of the local favorite dishes include beef brisket, pork belly (samgyupsal), a Korean specialty, marinated pork and beef rib soup, pajeon and fried rice. The beef short rib soup is a favorite of many diners.? Some other favorite Korean dishes include the Kimchi Jigae or any of the Korean stews. You can count on meat dishes to always be very tender and juicy. ?In fact, there is a giant red neon sign in the restaurant that says: ?You?ll Love Your Korean BBQ, We Promise.?? Koreans demand a plethora of side dishes, and those are plentiful at Grill Seoul.? If you are a Kimchi lover, then you have found one of the best in the area. ?Do not forget the soju to complete your meal.? You are sure to enjoy the ambience and love the food at Grill Seoul Korean BBQ. Bring your family and friends and a big appetite for a unique and satisfying experience.


E Jacinto,
Clark Freeport,
Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines


+63 906 317 1026


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