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Jungle Private Survival Training

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So, you want to be John Rambo? Why not give yourself a little more validity with an overnight survival training class brought to you by the same indigenous people who helped train the U.S. Navy Seals and Special Forces Units how to survive in the Jungle? The United States Military troops learned many survival and warfare tactics from the indigenous Aetas people in these same forests during the Vietnam war. You can now avail yourself of these same techniques and be the talk of your town.

When the U.S. Navy left Subic Bay in 1992 Jungle Environmental Survival Training Camp (JEST) was created to help the Aetas transfer their attention to the civilian population. The U.S. Military camp was converted by SBMA/FSC to an the new JEST Camp, where regular people like you and I can learn survival tactics just like the military tough guys.


Some of the skills you can learn include basic mountaineering, fire-building, wildlife identification and other wilderness survival technique. One of the most interesting demonstrations is when the guide created a full campfire out of nothing more than dried bamboo; no matches or lighters allowed here.

If you choose one of the more extensive programs, you will be taken through the rainforest on an overnight adventure, without food or water with the Aeta guide by your side. He will show you how to go retrieve water from various plant vines and other important survival skills when you have nothing but your trusted knife at your disposal. Then you will be shown how to cook rice using green bamboo, make insect repellant and soap from certain plants and so forth. Learn from the same instructors who taught jungle survival techniques to the bravest of the brave.


There are various program levels shown below. Choose the one that fits your schedule or price range.

Basic Park Visit – Demonstration and visit to Mini-Zoo, Butterfly Garden, Aviary, Insectarium, Spider World

Jungle Tour – Trek into the world famous Subic Bay Forest escorted by instructors of Jest. There you will be shown how to locate sources of portable water, set up traps using only naturally occurring materials, and much more. Length of tour varies from 30 min, 2, 4 or 6 hours based on your preference.

Jungle Overnight – For the more adventurous tourist, this activity allows a special inside look at jungle living. Experience an overnight stay in Subic rainforest just as the soldiers did when the school was first founded. Learn basic survival skills by experiencing them first hand.


JEST Camp is more than a survival training camp, it also features many nature-oriented attractions for your enjoyment. The view of the Subic Bay Freeport is reason enough to make the trip to JEST. Below are listed some of the things to see while at JEST:

  • Mini Zoo (Native species found in Subic jungle)
  • Jest Handicraft and Souvenir Shop
  • Insectariums (a collection of various kinds of insects found in Subic and the rest of the country)
  • Butterfly Garden (walk amongst bountiful collection of live butterflies)
  • View Deck (witness a breathtaking, panoramic view of Subic)
  • Amphitheater (under the shadow of the giant trees around)
  • Cafeteria (enjoy the delicious taste of natural cooking in bamboo thru ” Luto Sa kawayan ” way.)
  • Spider World (a marvelous collection of many species of live spiders from around the world)
  • Aviary (a colorful assortment of birds from the Philippines and other countries)


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