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Ocean Adventure Park

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You?ve seen the fun dolphin, seals and whales on television and movies. Perhaps you have made a trip to the Ocean Park Marine and Mammal Park in Hong Kong.? Maybe you have been lucky enough make a trip to SeaWorld in Orlando or Southern California in the States. Possibly you did not even realize there is a marine animal park right here in the Philippines.? It?s called introduce Ocean Adventure as is waiting for your patronage and engagement.

Located in the ideal ocean location, the Subic Bay Freeport, Ocean Adventure is a haven of adventure and exists as a protected area for dolphins, sealions, and other marine and terrestrial life in the care of ocean and land conservation professionals. The food, medicine, vitamins, and medical care for these marvelously intelligent sea and land mammals and fish is enabled by the entrance fees and sales of products from the operation of this facility. ?Other than the marine and land animal support, local native Kanawan tribe people are employed and supported in various ways.

Some of the shows at Ocean Adventure include the following:

Sentinels of the Sea – Showcases some of the most intelligent creatures in the ocean, the marvelous dolphins.? See them preform numerous tricks and high jumps while interacting with their human trainers in the most fun and entertaining ways.

Sea Lion Marine Patrol ? This show is unforgettable in every regard.? Sealions are some of the most fun-loving and charming animals on earth.? Watch their trainers direct them to a plethora of tricks and interactions with audience members.? But not only will they charm you to the point of wanting to hug them and take them home, but they will impress you with their intrepid nature and ability to tease and simply have fun.

Wild World ? This show brings you back to land showcasing some of the most unusual and cute local native animals from the Subic forest. These include the Pam Civet, Palawan Bearcat, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Philippine Scops Owl, Reticulated Python, and the Large Flying Fox. Included in the show are opportunities for touching, handshakes, and other interactions with these interesting creatures. Additional valuable information about survival in the wilderness when encountering these animals is included in the show.

Art of Training ? Watch a fascinating cast of characters that include domestic dogs, sealions and a crow perform tricks and display their intelligence in this show. I bet you did not know that crows can do oil painting.? As a special bonus, you get to learn how to do this type of training yourself with your domestic pets.

Three Large Show Venues – Ocean Adventure is a world-class facility with 3 main venues for sea and land animal and shows. This includes the El Capitan Theater where the dolphin shows are held, the Eco-Theater where wild animal shows are held, and the large venue theater that seats 500-600 people called the Seaside Stadium.? Several seasonal and special events are held here.

Some of the activities at Ocean Adventure include the following:

Koi Ponds ? For centuries Koi fish have represented good fortune.? The fabulous Koi Pond at Ocean Adventure, complete with a waterfall feature, gives you an opportunity to view an impressive collection of Koi fish while you make your wishes known for success and good luck. ?You can even feed these mystical fish by purchasing a bottle of fish food at the venue.

Ocean Discovery Aquarium ? An aquarium that is also a great learning experience. Here you get to bathe in the beauty of a diverse array of sea creatures without getting wet. This venue displays sea life native to the South China Sea and Subic Bay in replicas of their natural environments. Marvel at the colorful, stripped fish and other sea creatures all with detailed information alongside the displays.

Voyager Aquarium – Here you and your family can go deep sea diving without suiting up.? The story of the evolution of diving is presented in the display of the dive suits and vessels that were used over the decades and centuries.? Large aquatic displays of sharks and moral eels are included in the dark theatre of diving.

Learning Center ? You are never too old to learn something new. At Ocean Adventures Learning Center, you and your kids can become seasoned pros about the undersea world and the above sea world also.? Learn interesting facts and trivia about dolphins, fish, and mammals from a friendly and informative park guide in a classroom environment. So, put on your thinking hats and get ready to become an expert in creatures that inhabit the sea and earth.

Fish Spa Experience ? I bet you never thought fish could be podiatrists? Garra Rufa fish, referred to by many as ?doctor fish? or ?nibble fish? are specialists at foot therapy. As you relax with your feet dangling in a special large holding pool, these fish nibble on the dead skin of your feet leaving your feet clean and rejuvenated. Withstand the tickling effect for a while and you will love the results.

Dinning at Ocean Adventure ? The Ilanin Bay Caf? offers great views of Subic Bay while not skimping on great food.? Everything is reasonably priced and delicious.? From refreshing salads to traditional Filipino and Asian food to sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and hamburgers. One thing is for sure, you will not go away hungry.? The Forest Grill restaurant offers a more simple and fast selection of hotdogs, sandwiches and traditional Filipino food for the grab and go family.


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