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Paradise Ranch Nature and Conservation Park

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Paradise Ranch, Zoocobia, Clark Museum; the Clark Freeport is your one-stop shop for educational tours. Get your school, church or other private group together for a superior ecological, wildlife encounter. Also experience a history learning opportunity featuring old Pampanga and Clark/American military historic sports. If you are looking for an educational tour for a large school, church or youth group or you are in need of our specialists to custom-coordinate and tailor a specific educational fieldtrip to one of the most exciting and entertaining learning zones in the Philippines, the the Clark Freeport Zone is should be your first stop.

Broaden children’s knowledge of wildlife, conservation and the environment. Patient, fun and entertaining instructors will give demonstrations and mini seminars on wildlife and environmental issues at Paradise and Zoocobia Ranch.

For a unique day in the country, enjoying the environment, animals and the remote nature of Clark, Philippines, there is only one facility to educate youth and the young at heart. Paradise Ranch is a 50 hectare Nature and Conservation Park dedicated in protecting environmental programs while promoting work for food to support the community. The Ranch is a continually growing and functional nature preserve located in the foothills of the Clark Freeport Zone in the same general area of the Zoocobia Wildlife Sanctuary.

A LEARNING EXPERIENCE – This venue is able to provide an extra-special educational tour learning experience for large groups of students, church groups or other eager youth groups desiring to learn about, nature, the environment, wildlife and the protection of these important aspects for the sustainability of our country and planet.

A COOLER CLIMATE FOR YOUR ACTIVITIES – At this location situated in the mountainous terrain of Clark, the typical climate is somewhat close to that of Tagatay, Philippines, making for an enjoyable day of leisure amidst an environmentally-sound, and sustainably-rewarding learning experience. This venue is more than a simple daytrip destination; Paradise Ranch is ideally suited for school fieldtrips, overnight vacations, spiritual retreats, camping trips, corporate teambuilding adventures, affordable, ecologically-themed garden weddings, green birthday parties, unique business conferences and just about any other events you may have planned where solitude and nature are at the forefront.

THE GARDEN PAVILION – One of the outstanding areas at Paradise Ranch is the lush Garden Pavilion. This is a huge garden, filled with many varieties of ornamental plants, pines trees (imported from Baguio), a scenic pond complete with water-plants and ducks. The venue can’t be beat for its serene and tranquil touch of nature, offering an exceedingly fine atmosphere for the most sacred of events.

VIEWS OF MT PINATUBO AND MORE – City dwellers will appreciate the dramatic, lush and tropical vistas of Clark and the surrounding vegetation while enjoying the many activities, facilities and comfortable amenities Paradise Ranch has to offer. Enjoy views of Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Arayat and the Sacobia River basin, all from a vantage point of Clark isolated from the main business areas.

AN ENVIRONMENTALIST’S HEAVEN – Paradise Ranch is known in the Clark Freeport Zone as the project for environmentalists and those with a common interest in preserving our planet. The education of children and the general public on the various ways of protecting, preserving and sustaining the environment are ongoing goals of the facility owners.

HELP FROM ABROAD – Support and financing for Paradise Ranch is provided by an organization in Sacramento California that works as advocates for AmerAsians (American/Asians) to help reunite these children with their fathers in the United States. As many of these young people have superior English language skills, some of the AmerAsians work at the ranch on a regular basis as tour guides. During the off-season, on school holidays, many of these young adults work at Paradise to make extra money to help support their families. The Sacramento organization also maintains one of its stated purposes as intervening in the ongoing success of and assisting the native Aetas of the Clark area. These Filipino island natives have been largely displaced by the growth and expansion of the Clark Freeport.

THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE – The Aetas you’ll find working at the ranch are extremely hard workers with tremendous farming skills and a natural ability to work the land while maximizing sustainable use practices to make sure the land is in good condition for generations. These grateful workers are extra-special at meeting the needs of the guests who stay at Paradise Ranch. When you arrive at Paradise Ranch, you can’t help but immediately notice the general feeling of an exceedingly friendly, accommodating and very people-oriented environment.

Zoocobia is much more than a place to view animals; it is a complete educational and interactional experience. The setting is perfect for large groups for educational tours for schools, churches or other organizations; your goup will love the unique animal experiences and environmentally-focused setting. Set in the beautiful, lush, forested foothills of the extended Clark Freeport Zone, Zoocobia is an ecological experience of impressive proportions.

LARGE BIRD EXHIBIT – A large open corral where you can view and experience large birds such as ostriches, peacocks, birds of paradise, and guinea fouls. Ever tried feeding these avian creatures face to face? How about inviting them to stay on your hand or shoulder? Well, Zoocobia offers you the chance to do just that! Zoocobia Family Fun Zoo encourages everyone to avail themselves of the oppurtunity to be close with these adorable birds.

LOVEBIRD ENCLOSURE – An exciting and transforming experience as you enter this large enclosure containing hundreds of highly-trained lovebirds. Here you can spend some time as you leisurely walk and interact amongst these avian creatures. These entirely charming romantic foul are specially-trained not to fear people. They are quite affectionate and closely interact with those who venture into the enclosure. These are no ordinary lovebirds but special creatures of the air in that they are raised to be tamed by the veterinary trainers at Zoocobia. They are extremely responsive and love to connect with humans.

TRAINED LOVEBIRDS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE – If you are in the market for such incredible buddies of your own then these trained lovebirds are available for sale at a very reasonable price to those visiting Zoocobia. After interacting with them in their sanctuary, bond with and make your best choices as to which lovely creatures of the sky you simply cannot live without, then the ones home with you for many years of enjoyment. You are given boxes but you need to have your own cage to provide a proper environment for your new little romantic singers of the sky.

UP-CLOSE OSTRICH FEEDING – Enjoy a personalized feeding of the ostrich with feed available from Zoocobia. As these creatures are basically wild animals and leftovers of the dinosaur age, gloves are required and provided for your hand protection. The ostriches love to be fed by hand and are rather particular when food falls on the ground…they prefer not to touch it after it has made contact with the ground. So come on out and enjoy this rare feeding frenzy opportunity directly out of the palm of your hands.

MENAGERIE – A variety of stuffed animals that have been preserved by professional taxidermist. Get close-up views of capturing lively specimens such as Monitor Lizard, Marbled Bengal Cat, Ostrich, Green Iguana and a whole lot more.

BEARCAT ENCOUNTER – Interact with a native creature of Southeast Asia called the Bearcat. Feed this unusual wild animal that, as its name implies, looks like a combination of a bear and a wild feline. Interact with these unique wild animal as they lingers above your head on a post waiting for some play time with the curious human beings.

ZOOC RIDE – Ride a small car/cart drawn only by gravity down a concrete track with a vertical drop of about 75 feet and several hundred feet of horizontal distance. Experience a fun and exhilarating downhill ride in your personal cart down a winding and snaking race track overlooking the Zoocobia facility. You decide the level of excitement by controlling the brakes anc clutch and resultant speed of your trip through Zoocobia.

ZOOCOBIA FUN SHOW -Great entertainment awaits your family at the Zoocobia Fun Show. This show features some pretty smart animals performing circus acts and dunking monkeys, an amazing jumping pot-bellied pig and a skateboarding toy poodle. Your family will be absolutely delighted!

ZOOCOBIA BARN – Experience an animal barn unlike any other you’ve experienced, complete with numerous stalls containing a wide variety of unusual animals such as Camels, a Kobi Beef Cow from Japan, a Greyhound Dog, donkey, pigs, goats, guinea pigs and a fun egg hunt game where you have to guess the animal real-life animal eggs are from.

PHILIPPINES PRIDE EXHIBIT – An educational experience describing various aspects of Filipino Pride such as the national bird, national fruit and other items pertaining to the Philippines.

REPTILE MENAGERIE – Explore a world of stuffed specimens from across the animal and reptile kingdom.

ZOOCOBIA MAZE – A small maze for the kids set in the expansive Clark eco-zone. Turn the kids loose to see if they can find the exit of this maze.


This guest house was fabulously renovated in 2013. The owners running the Amasya Guesthouse guarantees their guests a pleasant stay. Great for large groups on a budget for educational tours or other vacations. Close to the Clark Freeport Zone and DMIA airport.

At Amasya Guesthouse, the excellent service and superior facilities make for an unforgettable stay. Wi-Fi is available in public areas, luggage storage, shared kitchen, safety deposit boxes and lockers are just some of the amenities. You’ll also find Non smoking rooms, air conditioning, fans, internet access, and shared bathroom.


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