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Spanglish Restaurant - Clark Philippines

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There are a variety of hungry customers who visit this restaurant that offers a small piece of Mexico in the Philippines.? Some are Filipino natives, or Southeast Asians, who may have never tasted but are curious about the flavors and textures of authentic Mexican food.? Others may be expats from America looking for their cherished remembrances of the spicey, complex, flavor-rich authentic Mexican food prevalent throughout their country of origin.


Some of Spanglish?s Latin-flair offerings include popular Mexican/American such choices as chimichangas, fajitas, wet burritos, dry burritos, chili con carne, paquitos (cream cheese filled and wrapped jalapeno poppers), soft tacos, hard tacos, nachos, tostada salads, and quesadillas.? In the tradition of many foreign Mexican restaurants, you can get most of the items with your choice of beef, pork, chicken, or shrimp fillings. For the non-Mexican pallet, there is a juicy gourmet burger served in a flat bread bun with parmesan/cilantro steak fries. Also, there is a special chili dog and sweet and spicey chicken wings for the more standardized pallet. ?One of Spanglish?s specialty items, and not typically seen as Mexican fare is their highly popular pumpkin soup.? Online reviews are bristling with favor over this delicacy.? Portions are large and plentiful with many taking overflow portions home for a late-night snack or the following days meal. The Pico de Gallo style salsa and the guacamole served at Spanglish has those authentic accents many are seeking.


For that finish-off sweet event, there are triple thick milk shakes and even the Mexican favorite, deep-fried ice cream for dessert.? If you have never had deep-fried ice cream, it is a dessert made by breading a scoop of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice cream and then quickly deep-frying it. This process creates a tantalizingly warm, crispy shell surrounding an amazingly still-cold ice cream in the center. Who could resist that?


In tradition of foreign Mexican restaurants, beer and margaritas are served to complement and add that almost required combination of drinks to your meal.


Millennials and Generation Z?s love a night out at a unique environment where they can experience something different from another culture.? Their social media pages are on fire about this restaurant. Here they can spend time with friends and family members while they imagine they are experiencing a culinary feast served on a continent half a world away.


Online reviews discuss the staff and service at Spanglish as very attentive and friendly.? Waitresses and management are described having lots of patience, even when dealing with a table with four first-graders to contend with.? Other reviews discuss the fact that they are always willing to explain in detail the food profiles, and its ingredients.? On weekends and holidays the restaurant may get rather crowded with a line stretching outside. We found some online reviews where individuals in this position were treated to complimentary drinks by the owner/manager while they waited.


The food is high-quality, tasty, and plentiful. Online reviews talk about the flavor profile being miles ahead of almost all the other Mexican restaurants in Manila. ?The prices are fair, and the service is great! What more could you ask for? See you at Spanglish this weekend. Do not forget to order the chips and guacamole while you wait for me and my friends to show up.


Pavilion Mall, M. A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone 2009


0917 582 3514


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