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Zoobic Safari Adventure Park

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First Image Courtesy danny O.


Zoobic Safari is a 25 hectare amusement park presenting a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your family. Enjoy exotic animals roaming and frolicking in their natural habitat and surroundings of individual planes and native grasslands. This very-well may be the most real thing to a wild animal jungle safari around.


Do you have a desire to fly? How about going horizontal like Superman? Yeah, you may need a zip line, but its the best Zoobic can do without super-human powers. Unfortunately, Zoobic Safari doesn?t provide the tights and cape. However, we are sure you are in for an adrenaline rush at the newest attraction in Zoobic called Sky Safar Up in The Sky adventure. Zip through the air, soar over trees and fly like a super hero on the latest Subic Freeport Zone 200 meter zip line ride adventure; only at your favorite amusement park in the Subic Bay Freeport, Zoobic Safari.


Do you want to go on an tiger safari without leaving the country? Now you can treat your family to the excitement of full-sized Siberian tigers roaming about your vehicle. Riding along with you are safari guides who will give you an idea of the power and ferociousness of these animals as they feed them just inches from your face. See the amazingly-long and sharp tiger-canine teeth so close to you that you actually feel the fear and excitement of these ferocious hunters. Thrill as a 400 pound tiger easily jumps on top of your safari vehicle while he eats a whole chicken.

On our visit, after our safari, when the time came for us to exit the park, it seemed as though one of the tigers was still hungry and decided to follow us to the main gate. This guy wouldn?t allow our driver to exit the gate. The safari vehicle driver attempted to loose him with evasive maneuvers, only to be outsmarted as he continued to stalk us, cut us off and actually run alongside the vehicle; great fun! Finally, the driver managed to shake our still-hungry giant feline as we made our exit from the secure safari area. This experience was one that will not be forgottenfor years to come.


A special petting zoo and animal observation area set in a tropical jungle environment. Meander through and Interact with, pet and enjoy displays of a diverse array of animals from many regions of the world. Many of these animals have become acclimated and friendly to human beings and are free and roaming amidst the visitors. You are free to reach-out and pet many of these animals. Here you will find deer, ostriches, albino caribou, a bear, monkeys, an eagle, miniature houses, ducks bearcats, guinea pigs, ferrets, and much more.


Drive your car into an animal sanctuary of farm and exotic animals such as wild boars, potbelly pigs and guinea fowls. Many wild ostriches roam free here and many times try to run alongside your vehicle. Some of these guys may attempt to get a closer look at you and your vehicle, even to the point of a peck or two at your vehicle window.


Get a close-up view of reptiles small and large. See snakes from around the world from the simple king snake to some huge pythons and boa constrictors. Also included here are lizards, iguanas, monitor lizards, turtles, and other cold-blooded creatures are available for viewing.


Here you will find a pit of over 200 crocodiles. Walk over the steel grated walkway with the snapping monster directly below you. Here you can purchase a quarter chicken, dangle it on a fishing pole for the Crocs to snap away from your line. Then walk down to the Crocodile Caf? where you can view the quick-snappers from a water-level glass observation area while you snack on some goodies.


If you are a fan of the rodent kingdom, or just wonder how many different species were found in the world of rodents, then this is the place for you. You will find everything from tiny guinea pigs, porky pines to very large Palawan Rats. There?s even a grooming station where you can watch the rodents get their hair done.


You can see a realistic Aeta village featuring their homes and cooking areas. These native Filipino people will also treat you to a very entertaining tribal show including the butterfly and war dance. Marvel at the amazing athletic gymnastic ability of these dancers as they perform the monkey dance and catapult up a tree.


Get your picture taken while you feed or hold an exotic animal such as a young tiger, giant python snake or large iguana lizard.


Enjoy a show put-on by park rangers as they show you some exotic animals and engage the audience in holding and feeding the tigers, snakes, large iguana lizards and other animals. This show is evolving and will feature new animals as these are brought out of training.


If you?ve always wanted to ride a camel, this is the experience for you. Some additional animals available for riding include horses, alpacas, and caribou.


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