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There is literally so much going on in this forested, bayside retreat offering panoramic views, restful-splendor, fun-filled adventure, ecological-enlightenment, and awesome-beauty, that you’ll find you need a week or two to truly experience it all. From jet-skiing and parasailing in the bay to eco-tourismand jungle adventures with Siberian Tigers in the mountains, you simply have to experience Subic to believe it. More than 8 million tourists make the trip to Subic yearly; why aren’t you one of them?

In Subic you can, swim, dive, kayak, jet ski, sailboat, wind-surf, parasail, yacht, fish, hike, horseback ride, target practice, go nature trekking, marvel at centuries-old trees, bird-watch, bat-gaze, butterfly hunt, watch/learn auto racing, race go-carts, enjoy casino action, play tennis, golf, bike, bowl, play pool, shop, enjoy an amusement park, and, one of my favorite treats, indulge your pallet in a variety of interesting cuisine.

For those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle, you can find interesting bars and night-spots along the romantic boardwalk featuring quality entertainment; test your vocal chords at local karaoke spots, or simply go to a local concert hall or cinema to catch the latest flick.

For 94 years, this former pride of the U.S. Navy, with its long-status as the largest naval installation outside the United States is now a recreational, entertainment and food wonderland.

With over 1000 businesses employing over 50,000 people, the industry and business backbone in Subic is very-much a part of the picture. Yet you’ll find that these companies are managed under tough environmentally-friendly developmental rules that allow industry to blend with nature in a combination ecosystem/business climate unique to Subic. It seems as though the conversion from a military base to a recreation and business haven with strict environmental controls is working for Subic.

In Subic, you can’t help but appreciate the wild orchids and ferns along wonderfully tree-lined streets. You’ll also be surprised to see kingfishers, orioles, wild ducks and sea eagles in the Triboa Bay area. Many people take pleasure in the marvelous pristine beaches and ocean-resort areas. If you are into diving, then there is probably no place better to experience old shipwrecks than in the waters around Subic with over 20 historic vessels sunk in the bay.

If you are concerned about emergency, safety and protective service, while you frolic and play, then worry no more. With a 911 emergency response system providing fire, security and ambulance services 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can enjoy all of your adventurous activities knowing help is but a phone call away. In addition, Subic maintains one of the strictest police and traffic safety programs in the entire country; as a result, Subic enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in all the Philippines.


Extreme Adventure Park in Subic BayIf you are looking for some extreme fun and excitement, then Extreme Adventure is the place for you. This place requires a degree of courage and is popular for enforcing teambuilding skills in groups and amongst work associates. This is the type of training that is normally reserved for military groups.

Extreme Adventure is synonymous with extreme adrenaline! If you’ve got the courage, Extreme Adventure has the facilities, trainers and equipment. This facility is not for the faint at heart, in fact, you get to do things normally reserved for elite military groups or for those on the popular T.V. show Fear Factor.

But you don’t need to be a group in order to avail yourself of this experience. Don’t worry, the instructors and guides are highly trained professions and the equipment is high-quality, high tensile strength and well-maintained. So, whether you are a group, family or just a thrill-seeking individual, go for the adventure of a lifetime with Extreme Adventure.

A Few of these Adventures are Listed below.

The most popular by far is the incredible Slide for Life adventure. After securing your harness, you climb up a stairway towards the top of a large rainforest tree. Then your guide will secure you to a system of high-strength cables suspended between massive trees in the Jungle of Subic. You are then in for the ride of your life as you find yourself flying through the air, propelled only by gravity, traversing the cable system, skirting tree limbs with the wind in your face. You end-up at the top of another huge tree at the opposite end of an immense section of jungle. But wait, you are stuck in the middle of the jungle with no way down from this new perch. Guess what, you get to do it again for a total of three exhilarating slides, each one an excitingly different, new adventure.

If you want a realistic Indiana Jones experience, try the Hanging Bridge. Here you walk along an old, cable-suspended, wooden bridge high above the jungles of Subic. You feel the breeze of fresh Subic air in your face as you sway back and forth attempting to make it to the other end. Onward brave soul!

The Wall is an endurance and bravery test where you and your teammates climb a large scalable wall with pegs designed for climbing. It takes perseverance, skill and technique to make it to the other side. If you are part of a team, the objective is to give hints and positive reinforcement, to the other team members, so as to work together in order for each member to make it to the other side of the wall. This is a classic military exercise that you’ve probably seen in numerous movies.


Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp is a unique facility used to gain experience on how to survive in the hostile environment of the jungles of Southeast Asia. The prestigious special operations teams from the U.S. Marines used to learn jungle survival skills from the local indigenous Aetas of this region. They acquired skills such as how to make fire out of nothing but dried bamboo, what plants are safe to eat and those that are not and, how to obtain precious water in the deep, isolated jungle in order to sustain their lives.

If you are one of the brave ones and opt for the full-blown course, you will be taken to remote areas of the jungle overnight without food or water. Your Aeta guides will show you how go retrieve water from different plant vines. Then you will be taught how to cook rice using only green bamboo, make insect repellant from certain plants and so forth, all utilizing only the basic elements of the jungle that surround you. So, why not learn some new techniques for survival from the same instructors who taught these jungle skills to the elite Navy Seals?

But JEST Camp is more than a place to learn about jungle survival. A few of the additional attractions you’ll experience include a mini zoo, a handicraft and souvenir shop, insectariums, a wonderful butterfly garden, a breathtaking view deck of Subic Bay, an amphitheater, a cafeteria featuring natural native cooking in bamboo, a wonderfully-creepy Spider World exhibit and an Aviary with birds from all over the world.


If you are into nature, appreciate the wilderness and the beauty of protected forests andSubic Bay Eco Tourism lush jungle areas, you have come to the right place in your quest. You won’t be disappointed with Subic Bay for exceptional ecological and nature experiences.

If you enjoy bird watching, remote stream fishing or simply want to be at one with nature, then this program offers you the opportunity to hire an FSC guide to show you and your group some of the most beautiful back-country areas of Subic.

The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Tourism Department and Freeport Services Corporation (FSC) offer tours and a wide variety of adventures in the deeply forested nature areas in and around Subic Bay. Trips to Baton Falls, Hidden Falls, El Kabayo Falls, Pamulaklakin Forest Trails, and the Pamulaklakin River in the Binictican Heights area are but a few of the wonders of nature waiting for your senses to absorb.


Remi Field Track – Subic Bay, PhilippinesLocated along Rizal Highway and the Corner of Burgos, right in the heart of Subic, you’ll find a little-known sportspersons treasure chest. After the long-drive, while lodging at your hotel or resort in Subic, why not get some exercise at a world-class sports and recreation complex.

Here you’ll find many of the athletic courts and facilities are covered, or indoors to protect you from the sun and weather. You can play tennis or band mitten in covered elegance and even basketball and boxing in an air conditioned gymnasium.

Why not try the rubber-based track and field facility for high-tech nightly walks, jogs or runs with your friends and family members. This surface actually helps protect your skeletal-structure from too-much damage as you jog or run the track. Also included are various athletic pits and facilities for full-scale track and field activities such as the long-jump.


El Kabayo Riding Stables Subic BayRide some quality imported horses from the United States, Argentina and Australia at El Kabayo. You can ride a thoroughbred, saddle-bred, or a quarter-horse if you prefer. If you are the type who simply admire horses but you are afraid to ride an animal weighing 4 times your weight and with a mind of its own, then you should also visit, simply to admire the beautiful, magnificent breeds and to get a feel of a peaceful and serene U.S. style horse ranch/equestrian facility.

El Kabayo offers simple riding within the safe confines of the area, or, for more experienced riders, you can venture-out beyond the facility into the Subic foothills and forested areas. There are even guided rides to the Kabayo Falls and a long extended trip through the Subic Forests and Jungles to the Subic Bay waters.

For those who have always wanted to learn to ride horses, the climb on the back and let an expert instructor teach you all the tricks.

HILL 394

Found in the eastern park of the Ilanin Forest Park, is a place called Hill 394. A strange name for a location of isolation and beauty, but it was named such for a good reason. Back in the old U.S. military occupation days, this hill was used as a secret, hidden helicopter landing spot. Named for its elevation above sea level, 394 feet, today it’s an observation spot where you can see over 50 species of birds and more than 150 species of vibrantly green trees.

Here you’ll find panoramic views of lush forests and the Bataan and Zambales Mountains. For those interested in a little exercise and fresh Subic air, you can take the 45 to 60 minute trail hike to the top of the hill. For those wanting to experience this beauty without the work of a hike, a slightly-rough, remote drive in your car takes you to the top for some restful camping or simply to experience a great picnic spot.


Formula One Car – Subic International RacewayCompleted in 1994, situated beside the Subic International Airport, only 15 minutes away from the Subic Central Business District, you’ll find a track worthy of local and international races, a road-race course 2.9 kilometer long with 12 turns. This is a familiar racetrack to racers from the Philippines and even many foreign countries.

Types of races held here include, Formula 3, motorcycles, Philippine National Touring Car series and SVI Grand Prix. Most races are three day events with a typical season encompassing 12 race events. The track is host to the Annual Philippine Motor sports Festival in November.

For those who have always wanted to learn to be a racecar driver, you will find two racing schools using the raceway as their base of operation and training track. The Ramirez’ Racing School utilizes your own vehicle as the race car and teaches you the skills needed to perform in a race environment. Tuason Racing School, using specially equipped and race-ready cars to take you to the next step of racing.

Operated by Sports Values, Inc. and governed by Automotive Association of the Philippines (AAP) and Federacion Internationale de Automotive (FIA), this racing facility in just one more example of an unexpected, world-class Subic experience.


So, you want to be a race driver but you don’t want to risk your life. Why not try a smaller version of a race car that is much closer to the ground and yet still exciting enough for those wanting the feel of a quick-turning, fast moving vehicle under-foot. Located next door to the Magic Lagoon Park Grill and Bar, along the main road, Rizal Ave., leading into the Freeport, here you can pretend you are Mario Andretti and get all of those frustrated-racer anxieties out.


Ocean Adventure Marine Park in Subic BayAs the first Marine Park and aquarium in the Philippines, you and your family can enjoy playful sea loin, dolphin and whale shows. Ocean Adventure is located at the Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area of Subic Bay. With 12,000 sqm of land area and 8,000 sqm of water space, your family is assured an entire day of fun and excitement, intermixed with informative knowledge about the wonderful world of sea life.

Don’t miss the Discovery Aquarium, a showcase of Subic Bay and South China Sea marine-life and its ecosystem. Here you’ll learn of the multitude of varied marine life in these seas, along with ways to help protect and preserve our rich, natural, sea resources.

Your children will enjoy a the Learning Center where they will learn numerous aspects of marine life and get to sit-in on a spectacular Sea Lion Painting Session where very wise sea lions actually paint on canvas.

Visit the Dolphin and Friends Show and watch the Killer Whales and dolphins in their lagoon perform jumps and tricks with grace and amazing skill. You will also learn interesting facts about these mammals.

If you love sea lions, you can’t miss the Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show. Here you’ll get to watch these extremely smart guys perform tricks with balls and dancing that will make your heart sing with joy and laughter. The trainers also deliver a strong environmental message of preservation throughout the show.

The Photo Encounter brings you close to the mammals of Ocean Adventure in a way you may have never experienced. The South American sea lions, dolphins or whales all make fantastic friends very easily! You can shake a flipper, a get a kiss or hug from a sea lion and have that moment captured in photo opportunities to show all your friends and family back home.

If you’d like to encounter these fantastic sea creatures more in these natural environment, and stay only in shallow water, why not try the Beach Encounter? This is a 30 minute interactive adventure with the dolphins and whales where you can shake their fins and touch their smooth skin actually in the water with them. Of course you have lots of photo opportunities here.

The Swim Encounter is one step beyond the Beach Encounter and will provide an experience found in few other places in the world. For 45 minutes, you can actually swim with the dolphins and whales in deep water. Put on your life vest and go for a ride with one of these majestic creatures. Pictures taking sessions are included.

If you are a diver, why not take it one step further and try the Dive Encounter Program where you strap on your dive-tanks and actually play-amongst, feed and swim in the deep with these massive, playful, majestic creatures. Of all the encounters, this requires the most skill. Then get your photo taken with your new aquatic acquaintances to show all of your friends and family back home. You must be a certified diver and show your dive card for this one.

For the really serious enthusiast, there is even a half-day long program called the Animal Trainer Adventure. Work hand-in-hand with the actual trainers at Ocean Adventure and actually participate in training sessions with these feisty sea creatures. Swim with then, prepare their food and learn some important training techniques. Lots of lasting memories photo opportunities present themselves when you sign-up with this program.


Zoobic Safari Tiger Adventure Park in Suibc
Located in the hills of Subic, Group 1, Ilanin Forest area. This is the park everyone has been talking about. This is the next best thing to an authentic trek on a African safari in Kenya. You get to avoid the long plane ride and expenses of a trip to Africa by partaking in this facility’s attractions. Zoobic Safari has 25 hectares of land filled with wild and exotic animals roaming and playing in their simulated natural habitat.

A Few of the Attractions are Listed below.

Close Tiger Encounter – An exciting, extra-close encounter (2 ft away) with Siberian and Bengal tigers. Watch them tear apart and bite-through raw chicken carcasses with the ease of butter.

Tiger Safari – A once in a lifetime adventure! Ride in a safari jeep where you actually enter an open-range area teaming with live tigers roaming and frolicking in their natural habitat. Listen to their deep, awesome growl just a few inches from your face as they eat from the hands of your tour guide through the screen mesh of your safari vehicle. While on our safari the tour guide threw a chicken on top of the vehicle and a 400 pound Siberian tiger followed to the roof, rocking the vehicle back and forth with its massive weight. He consumed the entire chicken while we watched his huge teeth only a foot or so away, through the screened mesh of the vehicle, directly under the giant mammal. Wow, what an experience!

The Zoobic Park – Enjoy a walk-through petting zoo, jungle environment with tame and gentle roaming albino caribou, deer, ostrich, bear, monkey, eagles, miniature horses, ducks and more.

Savannah – A sanctuary of exotic and farm animals featuring a wide range of ostriches, potbellied pigs, wild boars and guinea fowls. See the ostriches run alongside your car. You may even get a peck from them.

Serpentarium – Grab an up-close and personal view of snakes, iguanas, lizards, turtles and various other slithering and crawling reptiles.

Rodent World – A collection of rodents like you’ve never seen before. They even have their own grooming salon where you can watch guinea pigs get a shampoo and style job.

Croco Loco – Here you can view up to 200 crocodiles in a natural swamp area. If you’re lucky, get a chance to feed a few of the snappers. Dangle a chicken on a fishing pole and see them jump, snap and tear at the carcass. Quarter chickens can be purchased for only P50 each.

Adventure Animal Rides – Ride on camels, horses, carabaos and alpacas – a unique and exciting experience only available at Zoobic Safari.

Educational Shows – You can also see educational shows featuring live animals or learn jungle survival skills from the indigenous Aeta people and see native dances performed by the same. When an Aeta did the monkey dance for us, he traversed up a tree in a split-second; for a moment, we thought he actually changed into a real monkey.



Jungle Joe’s World in Subic BayThis is probably one of the most family-oriented fun places you’ve ever been to. Imagine, old U.S. Navy munitions bunkers, set in the deep Subic jungle, converted to various specialty entertainment bunkers of fun. Jungle Joe’s World is currently oriented towards the younger crowd, but you’ll find fun for the entire family here for sure.

There’s a total of 60 hectares of land belonging to the park, much as yet to be developed. As of April 2008, they have 6 hectares ready for family fun and excitement. Located in the lush Subic mountainous area of the Group 3 Ilanin Forest, you and your family will enjoy the deep, rich, green surroundings and get lots of exercise as you partake of all the attractions.

The first phase of this amusement park consists mainly of the Bunkers of Fun attractions. These are brightly painted and completely transformed, creatively designed, play areas with various themes. Some of the attractions you’ll find in these include, interactive kiddy rides, novelty shops, discotheques, an ultra-comfortable beanbag seated theater, Santa and the Elves village and other uniquely-themed, interestingly exhilarating attractions.

For the older kids and adults, there’s a very large-scale and challenging paint ball course. This one is huge with sniper towers, numerous obstacles and hiding places. You’ve never played paintball like this before.

At Jungle Joe’s, not only will the kids and adults have fun, but the fun is strategically integrated with learning experiences at every turn and lots of physical exercise thrown in as well. Many of the attractions encourage the kids to learn about ecological and other issues and to burn-up lots of energy as they are kid powered. By the end of the day, they most likely will be sleeping in the car on the ride back home.

The near future looks very bright for Jungle Joe’s World with gargantuan plans afoot such as an artisan village, scholarships for talented Filipinos and, if financing works-out, some very large themed attractions. An example is the planned and very eagerly awaited roller coaster ride through the Mt. Pinatubo Volcano experience. Lets hope the owners are able to get this one going.

PLACES TO STAY IN SUBIC BAY (Some of our favorite lodging spots)

SUBIC CONDOS – Affordable family condo accommodations in Subic Bay available through a special arrangement with Clark Subic Marketing only. Now you can stay in Subic Bay at a one-of-a-kind, master-planned community nestled close to the residential foothills where lush, green forests meet the clear blue skies. These are reasonable, full-featured villa-style units with multiple bedrooms. You’ll feel rested and at peace as you enjoy this classy and spread-out facilities of this wonderful home away from home lodging. Call:

MOUNTAIN WOODS HOTEL – Romantic and Intimate best describe this hideaway in the residential mountain area of Subic. This is the place to inspire your love with your heart; it will be forever remembered in her heart when she reconsiders the romance, beauty and grandeur of this location. Call:

WHITEROCK BEACH RESORT – This is indeed a true resort in every sense of the word. This resort is located just outside of the Freeport Zone in the Bareto’s Beach area, but well worth the short drive. 115 rooms of all varieties, your vacation or group event is in the perfect setting at this resort. This one has it all: jet skiing, banana boat rides, beach activities, oceanfront cottages, elegant restaurants and romantic beach evenings for you and your mate.

LIGHTHOUSE MARINA HOTEL/RESORT – This hotel/resort stands out from the rest as a landmark in Subic with its authentic looking old lighthouse structure right on a peninsula jetting-out into the bay in the Moonbay Marina district. Light house offers high-end facilities with lots of amenities for moderate to upper-end prices. Enjoy widescreen plasma television sets in each room.

SUBIC BAYFRONT HOTEL – You get a reasonable room with a view of the beautiful Subic sunsets? This is a mid-level hotel with nice rooms, a great courtyard swimming pool and very fair prices. This facility is located directly on Waterfront Road in the Moonbay Marina district for all the fun and entertainment potential.

VISTA MARINA HOTEL/RESORT – A very open and airy hotel-resort facility right on the waterfront. You can sit-back at Vista’s great pool, sip a margarita and contemplate the sunsets glistening off the bay. Features include a business center, paid Wi-Fi Internet access and a 100 person meeting room for your events.

SUBIC BAY YACHT CLUB HOTEL/RESORT – This is a members-only facility, but Clark Subic Marketing may be able to arrange a potential match with a member. A very dramatic and ultra elegant clubhouse is ideal for your large event, wedding or corporate kickoff. Call CSM for coordinated bookings of this facility.